“Money From Home”


Every day more and more people are looking for alternative ways to make money or to earn a living.

Both in the online and offline worlds, people are starting to realise that having a job and working 40 hours

a week for 40 years is not the ideal way to live. So we have put together this book “Money From Home” to

outline some alternative ways that people can generate an income, including affiliate marketing,

selling e-books and much more. Included in this book you will find information on:


Creating Income Streams from Home     Creating a Plan

The Criteria for the Perfect Home Business


E-Bay – Earn Your First £500 Online     Resale Rights Products     


Set Your Resale Rights Business Up the Right Way


Selling Niche Information Products


Import/Export – An Income for Life


Creating Your Own Information Products to Sell     


And A Whole Lot More!   





So What Are You Waiting For?


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