How to Develop a Good Memory


Remembering is a process that must be learned, just like walking, talking, eating, telling colours apart, distinguishing sounds, and telling time. You learned these when you were a child, and now you can perform them without effort, without being conscious of the mental processes involved. You can learn the process of using your memory just as thoroughly and when you do you will have in your power a hundred times the knowledge and experience you actually put to use now. Anyone can do it.


If you want to make your experiences stick in order to help you make later decisions and meet later problems, and if you hate the waste of relearning what you have forgotten, it will be worth your while to develop a good memory. "How to Develop a Good Memory" will show you how!



The Mental Filing System


In How to Develop a Good Memory is this logical, tested plan for training you to index your memory scientifically, much along the lines of a filing system. It is called “The Mental Filing System”. There is nothing new in the idea of a memory system; men have been developing methods of remembering since the days of Cicero. This method has been based on the fundamental principles laid down by these earlier systems, and have been modified by the practical application of twenty years of actual teaching and use. You can start using it immediately, applying it to everyday situations.


Why Do You Forget?


 The reason for most of the annoying instances of forgetting is that you do not take the trouble to connect new information with some fact you already know. Isolated facts drop out of the mind quickly, but if you file new knowledge in relation to something already established in your mind, you will retain it and be able to refer to it whenever you need it. It is simply a matter of making special use of your power of association, which is the beginning of all learning processes. Association is making mental hooks from which you may fish facts out of your mind as you require them. This Mental Filing System will provide the mental hooks upon which to hang, or file, anything you want to remember.


You Can Start Developing a Good Memory Immediately!


How to Develop a Good Memory focuses on teaching you how to develop and use your Mental Filing System to its fullest and best.  With its easy-to-read lessons, tips and tricks, and fun memory exercises, How to Develop a Good Memory will be helping you to improve your memory, especially for names, faces and facts, in no time! 


This book comes to you with more than 80 pages, packed full of solid information you can start using immediately!

We guarantee that there is something here for every one. So why not order your copy today!



How to Develop a Good Memory  

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