This is a book published to help to raise funds for the Ladybirds Pre-School, who commissioned a book about the history of Christmas from a local author, Michael Vaughan, and he has written the book with the proviso that ALL proceeds from its sale are to be donated to the pre-school. He is taking NO percentage or fee at all. It was published by Crugenmind Ventures, a local publishing imprint, and is priced at £5.95 per copy (+ £2.25 postage).


‘A History of Christmas Traditions’ goes on a magical and surprising journey through the Christmas celebrations and its attendant customs and traditions. In an easy-to-follow style, and with 40 full colour illustrations, this book explores the history of this festive time of year, charting the course of over 30 customs, often from as far back as the Anglo-Saxons or Romans. The beliefs and attitudes associated with each custom or tradition are revealed, portraying their roots as deriving from a rich tapestry of cultures. Discover, too, how Christmas is celebrated in more than 20 countries and the reasons why some items have attracted the ‘Christmas’ label in this highly readable and enjoyable book.


Which mystery brought Henry VII and Little Jack Horner together? What does a fizzy beverage have to do with the image of Santa Claus? Why were holly and ivy potential sources of conflict between husband and wife? Find the answers to these questions and many, many more in ‘A History of Christmas Traditions’.


I hope you will purchase a copy of this book and perhaps further copies as presents! in order to help

us in our work to place young children on the first steps of the educational ladder.




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