Discover How to Heal

Yourself Naturally!


Tired of paying the high cost of prescriptions? Frustrated with worrying about side effects? Do not want to become dependent on drugs … then we have great news for you!


There is a new book that reveals everything you need to know about alternative medicine. Begin using its techniques and treatments to heal yourself naturally! The book is “Alternative Medicine: Non-Traditional Healing in Focus”.


At last, there is a comprehensive yet concise and easy-to-read guide that explores the many different components of alternative medicine, and how they can help you. The guide covers many alternative therapies, such as:


Hypnosis         Meditation         Colour therapy

Vitamin Therapy       Yoga        Herbal remedies


And many more!


·         Differences between conventional and alternative treatment methods


·         The alternative medicine that 25% of the population practises – with five most popular treatment methods and what each can do for you!


·         An alternative medicine that relies almost solely on herbal remedies – around for over 2,500 years and could be just what you need to begin feeling better!


·         Alternative medicine techniques of Native American Indians – effective for the past 40,000 years and works just as well today as it ever has!


·         The most popular form of alternative medicine – and five reasons to try it!


·         Herbal remedies for common ailments – how to naturally treat acne, anxiety, burns, warts, arthritis, constipation, depression and flu, and much more!  


·         How five products produced by bees could have you feeling better fast!   


·         How to lose weight naturally and keep it off for good, and how to know if tai chi or crystals would benefit you more!


·         The types of yoga and how to choose the one that is right for you!


·         6 types of alternative treatments for the skeletal/muscular systems  


·         5 ways to bring the mind, body and spirit together


·         How to improve your sexual health!


·         What alternative treatments are good for children, and which are not!


·         How to use alternative medicine to complement conventional cancer treatments


All this for just £7 plus £2 postage !  So what are you waiting for?


Order your copy of “Alternative Medicine: Non-Traditional Healing in Focus” today!


“Alternative Medicine: Non-Traditional Healing in Focus”.




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